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February 2024

OTL Announcements

  1. Learning Enhancement Fund (LEF) Call for Proposals
  2. Graduate Student Workshops: Registration Open 
  3. TLI 2024 Call for Proposals, Reviewers and Volunteers 

Learning Enhancement Fund (LEF) Call for Proposals   

LEF Fund Call for Proposals

The Associate Vice-President (Academic), and the Office of Teaching and Learning are pleased to announce the call for proposals to the Learning Enhancement Fund (LEF).    

The LEF competition considers submissions designed to support any aspect of curriculum renewal and innovation that is scalable and sustainable. We encourage evidence-based projects that enhance learning through technology, improve accessibility, decolonize and Indigenize curricula, incorporate practices to strengthen student mental health and well-being, integrate experiential learning, improve equity, diversity, and inclusivity in teaching, innovate curricula, & improve engagement in remote teaching and learning and related ideas. 

Please submit your completed proposal via email to the AVPA’s office no later than 5:00 PM March 8th, 2024, using the downloadable proposal and budget templates available on the OTL LEF website

Graduate Student Workshops: Registration Open

Graduate Student Workshops: Registration Open

Beginning this month, we are offering a series of workshops for graduate students. These sessions will explore diverse topics including Inclusive Teaching, Hybrid Teaching Strategies, Crafting Teaching Philosophy Statements and Dossiers, and this semester’s first workshop - the International Teaching Assistant Workshop. Your participation promises a valuable opportunity to enhance teaching skills and engage in insightful discussions.

International Teaching Assistant Workshop

International Teaching Assistant Workshop

Thursday, February 8, 2024, between 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM (hybrid) 

Register for the Workshop Here

Navigating graduate life can be a challenge, especially as an international student: a new country, new customs, new studies, and a whole host of re-orientation and navigation to get used to. This workshop is designed to foreground International Teaching Assistants’ experiences, offer guidance on strategies to prioritize their time and energies, and share important resources and learning amongst international TA peers. The workshop will run virtually as well as in person on the ground floor of McLaughlin Library in Room 103 (Here’s a map!). 

To learn more about our other workshops and for additional details, please visit our Graduate Student Programming webpage

Please send any questions/inquires to

TLI 2024 Call for Proposals, Reviewers and Volunteers 

TLI 2024 Call for Proposals

Fostering Transformative Learning: Challenging Assumptions, Reflecting Critically, Learning Together, and Taking Action

TLI Call for Proposals, Reviewers and Volunteers Open 

At the University of Guelph’s 35th Teaching and Learning Innovations Conference, we will come together to explore the theme of transformative learning as it weaves through the learning experiences of students, faculty and staff.  

On Wednesday, May 8th, we will connect in person at the University Centre with speakers, interactive sessions, and presentations. On Thursday, May 9th, presentations and interactive sessions will be offered synchronously online. 

We invite all faculty, sessionals, instructors, staff, and students (graduate and undergraduate) from the University of Guelph and beyond to submit a proposal for the 2024 Teaching and Learning Innovations Conference.

Submit a Proposal: TLI Proposal Submission Form (Deadline: February 16th, 2024, 11:59pm) 

Become a Reviewer or Volunteer: TLI Conference Proposal Reviewer and Volunteer Form. The deadline to indicate interest as a proposal reviewer is Feb. 16th, and for conference volunteers is March 1st. 

For details about the conference theme, session formats, reviewer and volunteer expectations and proposal submission requirements, please visit the TLI 2024 Conference website.


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