September 2022

A Message From Dr. Dale Lackeyram, Associate Director of OTL

Not saying goodbye - just changing our context.

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to the UofG community as I move on to another role at Queen’s University in October. The community of folks at UofG provided me with tremendous opportunities to learn, grow and develop academically and professionally over the past 20+ years – and for that I have a deep sense of gratitude. I look forward to our continued connections and new contexts, purposes and interactions in the teaching and learning space, and wish you all the very best.   

Thanks kindly, Dale  

How Can OTL Support Your Teaching?

Educational Developers in OTL engage with Colleges, departments, and instructors to enhance teaching practices, align learning and assessments, utilize high impact learning practices, and design meaningful and inclusive curricula. Please reach out to us at with questions about any of the following:  

Cultivating Connection in Your Classes 

This fall, as students return to campus, instructors play an important role in helping students foster connections and feel a sense of belonging in their courses. Learners have experienced 2 years of interrupted in-person learning, so helping them build social connections is critical this semester. Building Connections in the Classroom in Fall 2022 includes suggestions for fostering a sense of connection in your classroom.

Welcome to OTL's Newest Educational Developer


Dr. Christopher Laursen recently joined the OTL team as an Educational Developer specializing in Universal Design Principles and inclusive instructional and assessment practices. As a historian and interdisciplinary humanities scholar, Christopher brings expertise in eLearning, curriculum design, scaffolding, and applied learning from his time as an instructor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. He holds a PhD in History from the University of British Columbia, and MA in History from the University of Guelph. Please feel free to reach out to Christopher at

Teaching Resources for New TAs

Your new and returning teaching assistants may be coming to you with questions about their roles and responsibilities as TAs. OTL’s Guide for New TAs was developed by Graduate Educational Developers to support TAs in all aspects of teaching, from managing their nerves as a new TA, to facilitating discussion, and providing effective feedback to students. This in-depth and interactive resource also includes links to campus resources to support student TAs. Please share this resource with your TAs as they begin a new semester of teaching. 

For more teaching resources or to chat with an Educational Developer, visit our website at or contact