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In follow up to the University's COVID-19 update sent earlier today, I want to provide you with some clarity around the delivery of in-person teaching, assessments, and examinations for the balance of the semester.

Course Delivery

Earlier this month, COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in most places across the province. Since then, COVID-19 cases have increased across Ontario and there have been clusters of positive cases on campus. In some instances, this has led to an increase in student illness or isolation requirements and a subsequent rise in requests for alternative access to course materials and/or assessments and examinations.

Instructors may continue with courses as planned; however, flexible teaching, learning and assessment approaches may be useful tools to support student success and to protect the health and safety of the campus community. This could include changing exam formats, using classroom technology that supports recording and posting of lectures, or offering remote or online course delivery options to ensure everyone can safely and successfully complete all course components.

We recognize some courses may be differentially impacted by the clusters of positive cases on campus and so it is important that these decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. As such, faculty and instructors who are seeing an increase in reports of illness - including cases of faculty and instructor illness - in their courses may contact their department chair and associate dean to discuss teaching and assessment options for the remainder of the semester. The COVID-related impacts supporting the change in delivery methods and a plan for completing the course learning outcomes should be addressed.

If after these discussions you plan to switch an in-person final exam to a different format to allow for remote completion, please be sure to contact ORS Exams (orsexams@uoguelph.ca) and inform students of this change as soon as possible. This notice is particularly important for students registered with Student Accessibility Services. If you require support in converting your paper exam to an online exam, OpenEd has resources available on their web page to help support this change. CourseLink Support (courselink@uoguelph.ca) can also be contacted for additional help.

Given that some absence may occur during the exam period, I have requested that the exam period be extended to help meet additional in-person exam needs. On Tuesday, April 26, faculty and instructors will have the opportunity to offer an alternative exam date to students who could not complete the exam on its scheduled date due to illness or isolation requirements. Further details about room locations and timing will be shared soon. Should a faculty member or instructor choose to use the alternative exam date to offer a make-up exam, the exam used will be at their discretion. For example, you may choose to create a second exam if you have concerns about academic integrity or offer the same exam twice.

Reminder: Student Illness Management and Response

If a student contacts you to let you know they will miss class or an assessment such as an midterm or exam due to illness or isolation, they should be encouraged to call the U of G COVID-19 call centre at 519-824-4120, Ext. 53906 and to complete the Student Self-Declaration form. The call centre will provide the student with guidance on when they can return to in-person learning. At this time, please also be sure to let students know how they can stay connected to coursework or participate in an upcoming assessment or exam.

When a student contacts you to indicate they are ill or required to isolate, please remember that medical documentation is not required to support proof of illness or isolation requirements.

Thank you for your help in reducing the burden on our Student and Public Health teams across Guelph and Ontario.


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