November 2021

OTL Announcements

Registration for UNIV*6800: University Teaching: Theory and Practice graduate course opens soon. 

Do you have an interest in and passion for university teaching? Graduate students, staff, and faculty can enroll in UNIV*6800, OTL’s graduate-level course in teaching and learning. This course offers learners an opportunity to engage deeply in educational theory and practice with peers from across disciplines. It includes opportunities to develop and deliver a micro-teaching lesson, to engage in peer-evaluation, and to develop as a reflective instructional practitioner. Registration opens November 22nd. 

Share Your Advice for New Faculty 

As part of our New Faculty programming, we are inviting experienced instructors to share their teaching expertise. What do you wish you had known about teaching in university when you started? What advice do you have for balancing teaching with your own well-being and other priorities? Follow this link to contribute a few words of wisdom to new faculty by November 19th, 2021. Your advice will be shared with new faculty as part of OTL's New Faculty programming. 

Instructor Teaching Spotlight

Congratulations to Dr. Janet Beeler-Marfisi, Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathobiology, who was recently awarded three teaching awards by the OVC Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student body. The awards—the Carl J. Norden Distinguished Teaching Award, the Ontario Veterinary College “Year 68” Award for Teaching Excellence, and the K. M. Bhatnagar Memorial Humanitarian Award—recognize exemplary teaching and student support.  

When asked about her approach to teaching, Dr. Beeler-Marfisi said, “All learning is state-dependent, so I strive to bring joy, enthusiasm and a sense of safety to my lectures. But my main goal is to teach students how to learn faster and better.” She uses a variety of innovative active learning strategies initially developed to support student learning early in the pandemic. These include learning technique videos, interactive online cases, ‘quiz yourself’ sections in all lectures, and ‘how to’ videos. Dr. Beeler-Marfisi adds, “I wanted students to know that there was someone out there for them, at least in video form, helping them study and feel less isolated.” Congratulations again, Dr. Beeler-Marfisi! 

Teaching Resource

Gathering Timely Feedback from Students

At the mid-point of the semester, you may be thinking about how your students are experiencing your course. What teaching and learning strategies are effectively supporting their learning? What course concepts are still unclear to students? Gathering feedback from students will allow you to make small adjustments to the course that can improve the learning experience for you and your students. Our website offers resources to help instructors to gather, analyze and respond to mid-semester feedback

Teaching Development Programming for Graduate Students 

As teaching assistants and sessional instructors, graduate students lead seminars, tutorials, labs, lectures, and other teaching sessions at U of G. The Lesson Planning Workshop, taking place on November 24th from 2:00 – 4:00pm, will provide graduate students with the essential skills needed to deliver an organized and effective lesson. The workshop is offered as part of the offered the University Teaching Foundations Program

For more information about the Foundations program, please contact   

Amplifying Teaching Voices Across Campus 

Resources from CoESP 

The CoESP (College of Biological Sciences Educational Scholarship and Practice) has recently launched a Spotlight Series featuring innovative teaching and learning practices in the College of Biological Sciences. The purpose of the Spotlight Series is to share effective teaching practices that instructors can adapt and integrate into their teaching practice. Check out the most recent Spotlight  on effective assessment practices.  

Workshops from the CSAHS Hub for Teaching and Learning Excellence 

The CSAHS Hub for Teaching and Learning Excellence will be hosting two workshops focused on equity, diversity, inclusion, and indigeneity in teaching. On November 17th, the Hub will host Addressing Race in the Classroom: Improving the Student Experience and on November 29th, they will host Walking a Tricky Path: Thoughts on Decolonization and Indigenisation in the Academy. Register for these workshops at the CSAHS event registration page

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