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One Health News & Events

Don't miss out on the details on One Health conferences and events, and our most recent student profile and YouTube videos. That and so much more in this week's newsletter!

 A New Canine-Origin Human Coronavirus, is there Cause for Concern? 

A photograph of a student sitting outside in a landscaped setting with notebooks beside her, a cellphone in one hand and a laptop computer on her lap.

The recent discovery of a canine coronavirus in Malaysia was reported in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. Not surprisingly, given the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, this news garnered considerable traction in the mainstream media.

Dr. Scott Weese, Professor in the Department of Pathobiology and Director of the Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses, took a close look at these research results in his most recent Worms & Germs blog article.

While this is an interesting finding, Dr. Weese doesn't believe there is cause for concern. There is no evidence that the virus caused disease, and there was no evidence of human to human transmission. As well, the samples were obtained in 2017-2018 and there has been no known outbreak associated with this virus.

While new coronaviruses are a concern and they are worthy of further study, Dr. Weese doesn't believe there is enough evidence to indicate this virus is a cause for concern.

Read Dr. Weese's blog here

New! Student Spotlight

In our Student Spotlight section, we will be featuring University of Guelph students engaged in One Health-related research.

Emily Robinson 

A headshot of University of Guelph graduate student Grace Nichol

Public Health Career Aspirations Broadened Thanks to One Health

Epidemiology graduate student, Emily Robinson has been studying the spread of black-legged ticks in Ontario and the multiple factors that may be influencing their spread, including climate change, wildlife distribution and habitat loss. As black-legged ticks are a vector for Lyme Disease, her research is not only focused on an important public health issue, but also on the issue of animal and environmental health

Robinson is enrolled in the Collaborative Specialization in One Health, where she regularly engages with others in the specialization, learning about their disciplines and getting to see first-hand how One Health can be applied to various projects and health issues.

Read about how One Health is related to her research here.

June is National Indigenous History Month

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All Canadians have a responsibility to learn about indigenous history and the intergenerational effects of residential schools. We must continue to work toward reconciliation and decolonization.

To celebrate National Indigenous History Month, a collection of novels, children's literature, research and scholarly texts, and memoirs have been curated for the McLaughlin Library by Indigenous Initiatives and the Indigenous Student Centre to highlight Indigenous writers, content and research frameworks.

Pride 2021

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This month is an opportunity to honour and celebrate the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, two-spirit, intersex, asexual and many other identities that fall outside of heterosexual and cisgender paradigms.

The University of Guelph has events and resources available to the LGBTQ2IA+ community and the Guelph Pride Festival website has many virtual events happening between June 4 and June 12!​​​​

One Health Affiliated Faculty List

A photograph of the Johnston Hall clock tower at the University if Guelph on a sunny day. There is a Canadian flag hanging on the tower above the clock.

Are you a University of Guelph faculty member who conducts research that is One Health-related?

Please check out our One Health affiliated faculty list for a list of campus faculty who have self-identified as One Health researchers.

We are currently updating this list and if you would like to be added, please send a photo along with your research interests to onehealth@uoguelph.ca.

If you like to be removed from this list, or if there are faculty on this list who are no longer at the University of Guelph, we would like to know that too. Thank you!

We're Now on LinkedIn!

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One Health at the University of Guelph is now on LinkedIn. Come follow us and spread the word within your own networks!

We'll be posting everything related to One Health on campus, including faculty and student profiles, seminars, links to videos, and details on upcoming events.

The 2021 OVC Graduate Student Research Symposium, June 22

A photograph of a veterinarian sitting in front of a microscope. There is a small dog sitting on an examining table in the background

The OVC Graduate Student Research Symposium will take place on Tuesday, June 22. The Symposium showcases the fantastic work that graduate students are doing across the college to continue to advance scientific research in animal, human, and environmental health.

There will be a speaker panel on One Health Informatics and graduate students will give three- or seven-minute presentations on their research.

 2021 University of Calgary Summer Institute, Continues until June 24 

A photograph of a student sitting outside in a landscaped setting with notebooks beside her, a cellphone in one hand and a laptop computer on her lap.

The University of Calgary's One Health Summer Institute aims to provide learners an opportunity to explore the concept of One Health and to build on their disciplinary expertise. This will enable them to contribute meaningfully to transdisciplinary teams.

The courses are available to students from all levels and disciplines, and also to professionals and adult learners interested in One Health from around the world.

The Summer Institute consists of theme-based courses. Each week will focus on one or two subject areas or themes. Themes coming up include: Setting a Foundation for Community-Engaged Research with Indigenous Peoples (June 7), Waste/Wastewater (June 8-10), Introduction to Bioinformatics (June 14-16), Principles of Biostatistics (June 14-25) and Entrepreneurial Thinking in One Health (June 21-24).

Financial support to attend one or more courses is available via a bursary program.

2021 Global 1HN Summer Institute, June 14-16

A graphic of a poster advertising the Global 1HN Summer Institute, June 14-16, 2021 featuring photographs of the presenters.

The Global One Health Network's Summer Institute will bring together students and professionals locally and internationally to explore One Health (OH) global governance of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) with a topical focus on the global governance of SARS-CoV2.

The 3-day course will offer in depth sessions on One Health principles and provide knowledge and skills on how to operationalize the One Health approach to improve the global governance of infectious diseases.

Participants will engage through live, synchronous sessions, small group discussion and asynchronous self-paced components. Participants will commit to 12 hours of interaction/instruction
over the three days, with a mix of lecturing and discussion, group learning, and advanced reading.

The Global One Health Network's Summer Institute will also provide an opportunity to network with fellow professionals in the clinical and research fields of infectious diseases.

To register, visit the 2021 Global 1HN Summer Institute website.

Upcoming One Health-related Conferences  

A photograph of a woman at a podium presenting to a group of seated people.

One Health European Joint Programme annual scientific meeting is June 9 to 11, online and in Copenhagen. Discover the newest research results in One Health, in particular in foodborne zoonoses, antimicrobial resistance and emerging threats.​​​​​​

Canadian Veterinary Medicine Association hybrid conference is July 22 to 25, 2021, in Calgary, Alberta. Register for access to 80 hours of continuing education, and a virtual exhibit hall & social programs.

American Veterinary Medical Association hybrid convention is July 29 to August 1, 2021​​​, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

One Welfare World first annual conference is September 15-16, 2021. This virtual conference will highlight the One Welfare Framework, and how One Welfare is relevant in the context of the COVID Pandemic. 

Discover Our Faculty Focus Articles 

We have been focusing on the broad range of One Health research taking place at the University of Guelph by profiling faculty in departments across campus. Check out our most recent Faculty Focus articles below.

Dr. Jeff Wichtel, Dean, OVC - Moving One Health from the Field to the Classroom 

Dr. Paul Woods, Clinical Studies - Novel Immune Therapy May Hold Promise for Human and Canine Cancer Patients 

Dr. Robert Hanner, Integrative Biology - Preventing and Exposing Fish Fraud with Advanced Biotechnology

Dr. Rozita Dara, Computer Science - Preventing Future Pandemics using Social Media and Search Engines

Dr. Heather Murphy, Pathobiology - Kids' Health Improves with UV-treated Well Water

Dr. Brandon Gilroyed, Environmental Sciences - What is the Right Way to Deal with Livestock Mortaility?

Dr. Theresa Bernardo, Population Medicine - Local Health Informatics Expert Making a Global Impact

Dr. Andrew Bailey, Philosophy - Consciousness Defies Every Form of Measurement, says Professor

Plus more on our Faculty Focus page!

Missed one of our events? No problem. Find out more about past events below and on the One Health website & YouTube channel.

The One Health Seminar Series on YouTube

Past One Health seminars are available to watch on our YouTube channel. Recordings will be updated and uploaded here. Enjoy!

Dr. Lawrence Goodridge, Food Science (Mar. 26, 2021) - Salmonella Syst-OMICS: Applying the One Health Approach for Improved Food Safety

Dr. Daniel Gillis, School of Computer Science (Mar. 11, 2021) - One Year, One Health

Dr. Kathyrn Fair, School of Environmental Sciences (Feb, 26, 2021) - Physical Distancing, School/Workplace Closure & COVID-19 Disease Burden: How Many Lives did We Save?

Dr. Emily Denstedt, Wildlife Conservation Society, Laos (Feb. 12, 2021) - Wildlife, Wild Places, and Spillover: Insights from the Field

Dr. Cate Dewey, Population Medicine, OVC (Jan. 29, 2021) - Pigs, Poverty and Epilepsy

Dr. Graham Taylor, School of Engineering (Nov. 18, 2020) - How Experimental Psychology Can Help Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Jennifer Provencher, Science and Technology Branch at Environment and Climate Change Canada (Nov. 4, 2020) - Plastic Pollution and Wildlife Health

Dr. Robert Hanner, Integrative Biology (Oct. 21, 2020) - The Role of DNA Barcoding and Environmental DNA-based Biomonitoring in Support of a One Health Agenda

Drs. Deb Stacey and Theresa Bernardo (Sept. 23, 2020) - The Global Burden of Animal Diseases: A New Addition to One Health Data Resources. 

Check the University of Guelph's COVID-19 website for regular campus-wide updates. 

Remember to check out our News & Events page and our events calendar for up-to-date listing of webinars, conferences, and symposia of special interest to our U of G community.  

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