Issue 6 January 2021

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College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

2019-20 Annual Report: Big Picture

We are pleased to announce the launch of our annual report, Big Picture (2019-20). This document captures developments and stories in CEPS from September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020. Through this report, our goal was to highlight the accomplishments of our College and bring people together during challenging times. Please enjoy these stories from the University of Guelph community. They truly are a credit to our mission Improve Life.

Image of fourth-year engineering student, Jenna Rotondi, working in Bill Van Heyst's lab

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Research Features

Image of person standing in front of composite image of math equations

Mathematical Methods Changing the Game

The generalized Nash equilibrium is used in game theory, a discipline that applies mathematical models to the study of social and economic situations among competing players. It has since been applied to a range of disciplines, and is being explored by Dr. Monica Cojocaru, mathematics professor.

Image of three lego persons holding up large lego block together

LEGO Advances Automated Physical Design

More than a childhood toy, LEGO has led to a breakthrough in automated design of physical objects. Engineering undergraduate student Rylee Thompson is exploring machine learning generative models for automated physical designs with Dr. Graham Taylor and team.

Image of person's gloved hand placing vial into holder that contains other vials.

Molecular Research Could Bring Cancer Vaccine

In 2020, it was estimated that 225,000 Canadians would be diagnosed with cancer.  Dr. France-Isabelle Auzanneau, chemistry professor, and her team of researchers are exploring antigens that could lead to the development of novel anti-cancer therapeutics.

Image of miscanthus grasses

Eco-Friendly Material for a Sustainable Future

For Dr. Manju Misra, professor in the School of Engineering and Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Biocomposites, the time for sustainability is now. Misra co-leads the Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre.

News and Updates

Person clicking on computer, showing CPA course homepage
Person clicking on computer, showing homepage of CEPS website

2020 Year in Review

From prestigious awards, to COVID-19 projects and outstanding student leaders, we present a look back at some of our top-read general interest and research stories from 2020 (ranked in order of readership).

Image of large amount of plastic waste with forklift in front

Ban Single-use Plastic? Right Problem, Wrong Solution

Chemistry (M.Sc.) and physical sciences (B.Sc.) grad Domenic Di Mondo, vice-president of GreenMantra Technologies, penned an opinion piece in Globe Business on single-use materials product design and waste management infrastructure.

Headshot of Hadis Karimipour

Engineering Prof Encouraging Women to Pursue Careers in STEM

Dr. Hadis Karimipour, engineering professor, is fulfilling her potential as a national leader in the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure. But she knows that not all women have been able to reach their own potential, and she’s working to change that.

Awards and Honours

College Fact

The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences is growing! Did you know that we hired 10 faculty to the College in 2020?

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