Issue 3 June 2020

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College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Dear Colleagues,

This marks our last newsletter before the fall. I know we are still facing many uncertainties and disruptions to our normal way of life, but I hope you are able to take time with your loved ones and do things that bring you joy this summer. It's important that we are refreshed and re-invigorated after a trying spring.

In light of recent events across North America, I would like to point to the University's statement of solidarity with Black faculty, staff and students. Our College is firmly committed to values of respect, equity and belonging.

These newsletters will resume in September. Please connect with me if you feel you still have questions, concerns, or needs for the coming semester.

- Mary A Wells, Dean, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

2019 Novel Coronavirus

COVID-19 FAQs, information and updates continue to be posted on the University of Guelph website, including resources to support your wellness and information about research activities. Regular communications are being sent from relevant departments and groups on campus, including your chair or director and our dean's office.

Research Features

Up and Atom

Experiments on fermions have led to important breakthroughs—providing insight into atomic clocks, telecommunications, and even the inner workings of high-density collapsed stars. Physics professor Alex Gezerlis and team studied ultracold atomic systems to learn even more from fermions; information that can be used to create a model for the fundamental properties of the universe.


Composite image with large human eye and data numbers overlaid

Point and Click

Camera traps have captured incredible images of our planet’s elusive and endangered wildlife. Computer science professor Stefan C. Kremer and team are collaborating with engineering Prof. Graham Taylor and University of Calgary Prof. Saul Greenberg to apply machine learning techniques to analyzing ecological images.


Composite image of hands with green plant

Green Science

Research at the University of Guelph’s Electrochemical Technology Centre will help save our planet. Chemistry professors Aicheng Chen, Dan Thomas and Khashayar Ghandi, along with physics professor John Dutcher, are finding innovative solutions to reduce waste, make sustainable products, and develop ideas that solve environmental problems.

Seeing Clearly

Not just a pretty picture, remote sensing imagery has shed light on major world events, such as the Australian bushfires. Engineering professors Graham Taylor and Shawki Areibi, along with PhD student Ahmed Elshamli, are using machine learning to improve images of our planet.

We want to hear your story! Email us about awards, innovations, discoveries, major research findings, events, or news media related to your (or a student/colleague's) work from the last six months and we may feature it on the the College website!

News and Updates

CEPS Contributing to COVID-19 Efforts

Our College has been improving life through research to support the battle against COVID-19 and mitigate its impacts. Some of these initiatives include nine projects funded through the U of G internal COVID-19 fund; a project to predict future COVID-19 impacts on Canada’s health-care system; scaling up of a surface coating that kills COVID-19 and can last for weeks; and more.

CEPS Names Research Chair in Novel Sustainable Nanomaterials

Prof. John Dutcher, a world-renowned nanoscience researcher, has been appointed as the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS) Research Chair in Novel Sustainable Nanomaterials at the University of Guelph, effective June 1, 2020. 

Image of students looking at robot

Favourite Thing About Guelph

This spring has been trying, and we know that has caused turmoil for prospective students thinking about university in the fall. We wanted to still create a connection virtually to these potential students, so we spoke to several current students about their favourite thing at U of G.


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