Dear Colleagues; 

As you are aware, the University is being proactive in its approach to managing the COVID 19 Virus.  While the University and the OVC HSC are taking precautions, we are currently operating normally as the risk level continues to remain low.  To remain focused on a proactive approach, Client services will begin calling clients regarding their upcoming appointments.  During this call, staff will screen our clients and patients based on the Public Health guidelines for safe visits to our Hospital.  During this screening, if it is determined that a health risk exists with a client or patient the client will be directed to remain in their vehicle and call client services upon your arrival.  


In consultation with our Infection Control Officer, we will be implementing appropriate PPE protocols for the safe handling of patients and management of clients.  Protocols are listed below.   


Protocol for Client/ Patient arriving with perceived risk of COVID 19 Virus 

The OVC HSC considers perceived risk as anyone who has travelled outside of the country in the past 14 days and/or is displaying flu like symptoms or has self-disclosed they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for the virus. 

When it is confirmed that the patient will be coming to the OVC HSC please notify infection control with an estimated time of arrival.  

  • Marlowe Schott 226-924-5919 

  • Scott Weese at Ext 54721 or Ext 54064   


Protocol for handling these situations 
  • Client will be directed to remain in their vehicle when they arrive at OVC HSC and call the number provided (reception or emergency phone). 

  • Intern or Triage tech will retrieve pet from client’s vehicle with appropriate PPE (gloves, lab coat, and facemask (N95)).  If the client has come into the building, the triage tech will take the animal and send client back to vehicle. (Note: Students will not handle these cases or interact with the clients). 

  • During this initial interaction please have the client complete the patient registration form and provide a cell phone number. 

  • All subsequent communication will be via cell phone if possible 

  • The medical team will assess patient using proper PPE protocols, which include gloves, lab coat and facemask (N95).  

  • The patient will be confined to an exam room or an isolation room until the infection control team care arrives and assesses the risk.  All material used in the initial visit (e.g. clipboard etc.) will be left in the exam room or isolation rooms. 

  • Call infection control for further guidance if they have not already been notified. Scott Weese at Ext 54721 or Ext 54064 or Marlowe Schott 226-924-5919. 

  • Note:  Animal Isolation protocols are not required for Large Animal, but infection control should still be notified. 


We want to remind everyone that at this time the risk of infection remains low and that the OVC HSC and the University are monitoring the situation closely and will provide updates as they become available.  


Please remember that the most effective way to protect against respiratory viruses is good hand hygiene.  Washing your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds (sing Happy Birthday to yourself twice) is the most effective prevention. 


More information can be found at the University of Guelph COVID 19 Link below including information regarding travel, sickness and general preventative measure to protect yourself. 


Thank you for your continued cooperation in this matter.