Issue 8 May 2021

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College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Research Features

Two graduate students work in the NMR lab at U of G

Proteins Offer Insights into Parkinson's

There is no cure for Parkinson's, a disease that affects more than 100,000 Canadians, but knowing what is happening at the molecular level may provide insight into the disease’s progression. U of G researchers are examining a presynaptic protein believed to play an important role.

Graphic showing circuits.

Untangling the Mysteries of Quantum Theory

Dr. David Kribs, a professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, knows that for quantum computers to work, we need to understand the mathematical foundations of quantum theory. In a recent article Kribs and colleagues are taking a deep dive into quantum entanglement.

Image showing Lake Huron with grass and a heron flying past.

A Holistic Study to Conserve Our Great Lakes

Twenty per cent of the world’s surface fresh water is within the Great Lakes Basin, one of the most threatened water systems in Canada. U of G engineers are studying the nutrient dynamics and the relationship between water quality and land management practices.

Aicheng Chen and Peter Wood at the ZEN Graphene Open House

Material of the Future

Chemistry professor Dr. Aicheng Chen is collaborating with ZEN Graphene Solutions to harness the "material of the future," which has important applications such as an additive to improve fuel economy or to improve energy storage in supercapacitors and batteries.

Image of a neutron star in space.

The Twisted Story of Neutron Stars

Born out of supernovas—the powerful explosion of stars—neutron stars have long fascinated researchers. Physics professor Dr. Alexandros Gezerlis and PhD student Georgios Palkanoglou are studying the physics of superfluid neutron matter in neutron stars.

News and Updates

Headshot of Liz Warner

Grad Using AI to Detect Financial Crime

Liz Warner graduated from the University of Guelph with a B.Sc. majoring in Mathematics (’07) and an M.Sc. in Mathematics ('09). She is now playing a key leadership role in a financial technology company to prevent financial crime.

U of G VSAI 2021 winner headshots

U of G VSAI 2021 Winners

Cameron Jakub, Jiaju Qi and Rylee Thompson will receive Vector Scholarships in Artificial Intelligence, valued at $17,500 each, as they embark on master’s degrees in artificial intelligence (AI) at the University of Guelph in Fall 2021.

Photo of Hillary Dawkins surrounded by mountains in Switzerland

Computational Sciences Student Pursues Research in AI Biases

Hillary Dawkins, third-year Computational Sciences PhD student, has had impressive academic and research achievements, including being named a Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence postgraduate affiliate for 2021.

Ally Zaheer sits cross-legged wearing a mask and surrounded by hundreds of pairs of shoes outside city hall in Pickering

Engineering Student Helps Save Wetlands

Ally Zaheer, second-year Environmental Engineering student, has always had a passion for helping the planet. Zaheer has been actively engaged in lobbying to save environmentally-significant wetlands in Ontario, and has plans to continue her work.

Image of ecosystem with trees, forests and water

World Health Day

April 7th was World Health Day, with a theme of more equitable healthcare for all. CEPS faculty are working to drive change and help people all over the world live healthier lives.

Other News


Alumni & Reunion Week Program 2021 June 21–26

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Best of ChemEd 2021 July 27–29

A collaboration between the University of Guelph, Colorado School of Mines and the American Association of Chemistry Teachers

Awards and Honours

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