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U of G's Set for September emails help you prepare for your classes and experiences this fall. As we head into another weekend, make sure your plans for Friday and Saturday keep you safe and free from fines!

Avoid fines and consequences: Limit the size of your gatherings

Keeping your gatherings small is one of the most important ways you can help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and it's also an important way you can avoid significant fines and consequences.

New gathering limits

The provincial government has put new limits on the size of social gatherings. Learn more about these limits and associated fines on the Government of Ontario website.
Based on the average home size in Guelph, local Public Health advises no more than 10 people at indoor or outdoor gatherings.


U of G is working closely with City of Guelph Police and Campus Community Police to address reports of individuals violating these rules on and off campus. 

To help keep the size of gatherings in check, City by-law officers are now taking a zero-tolerance approach to gatherings and parties that violate the government's rules.

Choose safer options

Big get-togethers are off the table, but there are safe ways you can connect with others during your downtime!

  • Plan events with your social circle - As long as you're keeping to your established group of 10, there are lots of things you can do together.
  • Get together with others online - U of G gives you access to Microsoft Teams and WebEx that you can use for group video chats. Apps like Houseparty let you host virtual games nights. Rave and Netflix Party let you host a movie night from the comfort of multiple homes.

The University's COVID-19 website is your best source of information on U of G's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Return to Campuses website provides essential information for those coming to campus. If you need to be on campus, make sure you complete the U of G COVID-19 Screening Form every day before you arrive. 

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